SLTG-Workshops: How to Handle Money, Expenses and Tax..


Setting up Your Practice

-       What expenses can you claim?

-       How do you recover bad debts?

-       How to make a profit

The Day Concludes with Afternoon Tea and a Q&A and we will attempt to Answer every question and examples provided… Max Number of attendees: 8

Applications to attend Please email Robert.

Qualified Practitioners: £95

SLTG-Gold-Key-Holders, Counselling Trainee: £6

To sustain momentum Next Month:

How To Refine Your Digital Marketing Strategy..

How to make a profit

How to make a profit

Can We Talk About Inpatient Groups? By Dr. Katja Hajek, Consulting Clinical Psychologist


The time patients spend on wards can be a passive and lonely experience but it can also be used productively to help people with the one area that dominates all our lives, relating to others.  

Throughout my years working on inpatient psychiatric wards at The Maudsley, Lambeth and St Thomas’ Hospitals in London, there has  been an expectation that staff would run patient groups. Groups are an ideal format for patients to support each other, improve their social functioning and reduce isolation. They also allow input from clinicians to help create a therapeutic environment. Groups on wards are clearly a good idea. 

However, ward staff have very little or no preparation, knowledge nor the confidence. However, they are not prepared to run groups.

To address this basic need, plans are progressing to hosting a one-day workshop on “Inpatient Groups” in February in Sydenham, using the interpersonal model based on Irvin Yaloms’ outstanding work.

As an accompaniment to the book I have co-written, I have produced a DVD, showing a group session with volunteer patients, introducing the workshop attendees to the core principles and skills required of group work in this specific setting.

Group processes and the therapeutic skills that are typically only discussed as theoretical concepts, can be better explained and understood, by watching specific examples from a real group. The workshop will also provide an opportunity to try the newly learnt skills.

To express interest or for more information, please contact me.

Welcoming Jennifer Warwick to SLTG

Jennifer-Warwick,-SpeechSouth-London-Therapy-Group-(SLTG) in-Sydenham-.jpg

Jennifer is a children's speech & Language Therapist with extensive experience as a paediatric SLT, working for the NHS and in private practice, now available to see clients at South London Therapy Group (SLTG) in Sydenham 

Jennifer works with children and their families to support and develop communication, interaction and play skills, to help children achieve their potential collaboratively with families and educators…

For more details about Jennifer and her practice: 

South London Therapy Group (SLTG) are delighted to welcome to Sydenham Letishea McLean


Letishea is a BACP accredited counsellor offering short (6-12) and long-term (12+) counselling.

With clinical experience working in the NHS, University and Judicial settings is building a private practise to help supper clients who need help for feelings of anxiety, depression or relationship issues. 

Letishea’s non judgmental attitude and warm personality and acceptance of of self, leading to helping find self-directed solutions to their issue and concerns.

New Therapy Rooms Terms at (SLTG), Sydenham SE26 4QD


Your favourite room can now be booked as a block for £60 for the day. 

Exclusively for your use for the whole-day for 10 hours for £60 for the day. 

If you prefer these terms to the current hourly room rental, we ask for rent paid monthly in advance and a month's notice at the end.

To proceed, we would need:

  • A copy of your indemnity insurance
  • A photo and bio so that we can list you on our site
  • A £10 deposit when we hand you the keys

If you are already registered with us, just get in touch letting us know if you would like to change to daily rental.  

Community House Keeping:


All the spaces at South London Therapy Group in Sydenham are up and running and because of practitioners’ interest, we are planing to build a separate examination room in another studio space in the same building.

We are also adding a new section to our site listing resources to help colleagues find the kind of professional guidance they need to establish or manage their practice. This may include inviting accountants, lawyers, photographers, web designers, etc. to join our community in an advisory capacity, to give guidance if needed...

We are also growing our therapist listings and to benefit from our referral service, all our member therapists will need to provide a headshot and Bio, to be added to the resource. 



South London Therapy Group would like to welcome Dr. Seby Emmanuel to our group. He is an Ayurvedic practitioner and is now available for appointments in Sydenham.  

South London Therapy Group (SLTG) are delighted to welcome the first Ayurveda practitioner to join the group. Trained in India  Dr. Seby has been practising Ayurvedic Medicine for the last 15 years, for the last 8 years in the UK. DR. SEBY is fluent in English with a working proficiency  in Hindi, Malayalam, Sanskrit, and Tamil…

DR. SEBY EMMANUEL B.Sc.,B.A.M.S. qualified B.Sc in science from India and then went on to earn his Doctorate in Ayurveda. (B.A.M.S.) also from India and is B.R.C.P. registered. If you need more information or would like to arrange an appointment, please contact him directly.

Or contact us and we can make an appointment for you to see him at our one of  our lovely new therapy rooms South London Therapy Group (SLTG) at the heart of Sydenham's  new at the heart Sydenham of regeneration area close to the upgraded Overground and bus connections 

Hacking Happiness…


Available for a year iPlayerBBC RADIO 4

Hacking Happiness - Beyond Happiness - @bbcradio4

The Perfect Life

Hacking Happiness

Are we pursuing happiness, or is the happiness industry pursuing us? 

Leo Johnson goes on a year-long journey to pick up life lessons of happiness from modern day practitioners of radically different philosophies.

It's a journey that takes us from Yorkshire's anti-fracking grannies to the slow footballing Vietnamese monks of Plum Village, from self-cutting poets to the Chief Happiness Officers Convention in Paris, from London's asexual community to multi-orgasmic Swedish academics, and from World Champion Muay Thai women kick-boxers to Elvis-loving dementia sufferers.

What emerges is a set of starkly competing visions of the good life - ancient philosophies still duking it out to get punched in as the destination in our psychic Sat Navs.

What we meet is a set of individuals who have questioned the default comforts of the IKEA catalogue, defined the shape of the self, and chosen lives that give us a glimpse of how each of us can reclaim peace, reclaim purpose, reclaim pain, and reclaim pleasure - the real pleasure that hedonism promised.

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We plan on creating a community for South London therapists, so that we can connect, meet up and exchange ideas. Some of the events we have in mind are:

  • Movie nights
  • Reading Groups
  • Peer discussion groups
  • Networking events
  • Paper readings
  • Lectures and talks

We would love to keep you posted on our plans and news going forward.