Marie Williams


Marie (LLB., Dip. Couns., MBACP) works in private practice as a humanistic counsellor and is registered with the BACP.

Sometimes people feel as though they have no one to talk to or no one who understands them and what they are going through.   They may be feeling anxious, unhappy, angry, resentful, low in self-esteem, lonely, depressed, sad, guilty, shameful or have panic attacks.  They may be lacking in confidence, have family problems, suicidal thoughts, or self-harm.  Or they may have suffered loss or be bereaved.   

Whatever their personal experience, there are usually very good reasons for such feelings and ways of being; and, by creating both a safe environment and a robust therapeutic relationship, Marie will “explore your feelings with you so that you may make sense of them”.   She believes that self-awareness is central to personal growth and to developing towards full potential and that, sometimes, this self-awareness can become blocked by unhelpful patterns and behaviours “that can leave you feeling frustrated and unhappy”. To this end, she offers face-to-face, one-to-one weekly support to adults of all ages seeking change in their lives so that they may live more authentically - that is, as true a person to themselves as is possible. 

In addition to working with the above issues, Marie has over the years developed a special interest in working with adults who, as children, experienced overwhelming adversity.  This includes: sexual, physical, or emotional abuse, maltreatment, neglect, prolonged separation, abandonment, or having had to deal with caregivers struggling with addiction, depression, or attempting/committing suicide.

Marie appreciates how counselling can appear unnerving and “how crucial it is for you to choose a counsellor that you gel with”.  Therefore she offers a free, no-obligation, telephone consultation to “look at what it is you want to achieve from counselling” and to consider how you may get your needs met.   If you would like to get in touch, please email by clicking on the button above so that a telephone consultation may be arranged.